The More You Know...

Here are a few rules/safety tips and things to remember for a more enjoyable trip on the Red River.

  • We recommend that you do not paddle alone. Use the buddy system.
  • Keep off private property or respect private property.
  • Respect fishermen and don’t cross their lines. All fishermen must have a fishing license, the fine for fishing without a license is quite high.
  • Wear shoes that tie or regular water shoes... a lot of people lose flip-flops.  In addition, the bottom of the river is rocky and will not feel good with barefeet.
  • Bring sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Bring towels and dry clothes.
  • Bring along a thirst quenching drink: water, ice tea, etc.
  • Glass and styrofoam are not permitted on the river.
  • Pets are permitted on the river, although the may not all enjoy it as much as we do.
  • Leave all items not needed on the river locked in your car. Remember, anything you take may get lost or wet.
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD) should be worn at all times when on and around the water.
  • Tennessee State Law requires children age 12 and under to wear life jackets at all times.
  • Bring back as much as you take with you ... don't litter the river... pack out what you pack in. We support and practice Leave No Trace wilderness ethics, and strongly urge you to also. A lot of people like to take a garbage bag along and help clean up the river as they go.
  • Reservations allow us to prepare for you and ourselves for your arrival. Reservations ensure you will not arrive at the same time as a large group and have a long wait.
  • For faster service, please fill out the forms located at the top this page.  The Rental Form(s) and the Liability Form (a group can use one liability form) are required before you can depart for your river adventure.
  • Feel free to check out the additional information and links below; however, we do not endorse any of them.  Our recommendation is to have fun, be safe, and, use your best judgement, as we are not responsible for any loss and/or damages during your trip on the river.